Friday, February 25, 2011

Vintage Web Icons As An Element Of Vintage Design

Vintage web icons is one of the most noticeable and easy-to-apply graphical elements you may use in your web site to make it look archaic. Vintage web icons suppose authentic use of vintage typography, less-saturated colors and retro textures to help creating the vintage air emanating from the web-site. Your internet site visitors will definitely like antique air of your new design.

Retro came from the70s and 80s. Speaking about retro advertising art it appeared in 1950. Computer technologies enable to put a new face on this type of art using its characters in web design and printing. These faces outlined in the vintage web icons are more often retro cars, pin-up girls, soldiers and politicians of the former times.Undoubtedly among the most often used retro cars are Fiat 500, the 1970 Dodge Challenger, the 1969 Chevrolet Samara, the 1964 Ford Mustang etc. You can easily find Vintage web icons that include hints to retro cars concepts. This will help to attract much more attention to your website layout. This is the great idea for websites that have a deal with auto sales, transporting services, tour sites etc. A pin-up model is another popular character used in vintage icons design and other web page graphics styling. It usually depicts exaggerated, idealized images of how the really beautiful and attractive woman should look like. Pin-up images are great for vintage web icons or clip-art designed for the model agencies, websites regarding health and beauty areas.

In case you have a webpage that is connected with military and security guard you may successfully use images of soldiers and officers with outdated appearance to attract much more interest and win the visitors trust.

There's no limit in usage of specific characters. You may apply creativity and use them unconventionally. This will help to make people surprise and thus memorize your web site.

Patterns and Typography for vintage icons and other graphics

Vintage patterns recommended for usage in vintage icons design is the following:

  • patterns containing vintage papers;
  • with vintage frames;
  • with outmoded florals;
  • paper and bagging, gold-cloth as the texture fabric;
  • wooden or bronze textures for vintage icons.

Authentic fonts to be used for developing vintage icons titles, content headings and texts are Matchbook, Bazar Medium, Embossed, Hill House,-Fontleroy Brown, Fusty Saddle, Just Old Fashion, Goudy Bookletter 1911, Rocket Script, Parisian, Star Avenue etc. You are absolutely free to find and purchase the fonts to match your design on the net.

If being relevant to the topic, general style and idea of your web site vintage-inspired design is supposed to look modern and appropriate, but no old-fashioned. The goal is to create the warm and noble, antique feel using Vintage web icons as well as images and styled blocks for the webpage design. Without any doubt your visitors will come back to your online site with a grateful smile over and over again. They will feel more comfortable and cozy at your internet site.

But try not to make your vintage design look too stuffy, you must be aware that professional design is formal-looking and the major focus should be made on the goods, services or content your internet site provides.

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