Thursday, February 24, 2011

Simple Icons And Web Site Design

Simple web icons are produced to combine minimalism along with modern trend. Lightweight Simple web icons are meant to be created to increase website user interaction.

Minimalistic internet site design

Minimalistic design means simplicity and light-weight elements such as Simple web icons. It minimizes complex wordings, figures, textures and patterns. Sometimes less even means more. It depends on areas and extent. Website design is exactly that area.

Today minimalistic design is something unusual. High modern day technologies frequently lead to the loss of simplicity. Blending minimalistic web site design with CSS3 and HTML5 is becoming more famous and makes you believe that combining simple elegance and usability is the method for your webpage success. Web-site with simple design often contain brave and off-color effects and actively use CSS and Ajax.

The most significant features of the modern simple website design:

  • grid based design;
  • simple icons;
  • light shading and reserved color transition;
  • light texture of patterns and backgrounds (often transparent like);
  • more empty or white space;
  • simple shapes and figures, clear lines;
  • less amount of various bright colors;
  • readable and clear typography;

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