Sunday, January 30, 2011

Glass Icons - The First Class Design Items

Web icons provide classy and clean look to your website making its design amazing and professional. Though this effect should be reasonably used since it can be harmful for the design perception.

Glass web iconsare incredibly well-liked and eye-catching elements of webpage or blog decor. This glass icon style imparts the perfect, clear and professional look to your website, presentation or desktop and embodies a kind of the "Web 2.0" spirit.

Advantages and disadvantages of the glass icons usage.

Do the elaborate and intricate look of the web icons designed in the glass style turn your brain and you believe that it is a hard task to do this? Don't be confused - it is obvious that the process of their creation is rather simple. You can create Glass web icons within a few minutes using Photoshop, Illustrator or Corel software. So you don't need to have extra web site design knowledges. All you need is some helpful tutorial, some skills of working with these pieces of software and the images you are going to turn into glass web icons.

The glass effect is considered to have been borrowed from the Apples OSX operating system style and copied by Windows. Some may argue that Glass web icons are so strongly associated with Apple product that the glass-styled elements make people think of the completely different brand which makes the usage if this type of web icons worthless, but the benefits of the glass icons style are obvious.

Probably the most important feature of the modern web-site is social bookmarking web icons. If you wish to have a great advantage for the online site promotion use eye-catching glossy icons for this reason. This fact is simply explained: attractive social bookmarks raise the probability of the visitors clicking on them and the number of the clicks increases correspondingly. So as a result you are able to promote your content more effectively.

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