Sunday, January 30, 2011

Business Icons

Choosing design for your future website is really a complex and tedious process. You need to design the header graphics and logo, business icons and content placeholders plus choose the fonts based on the business area and desires of your potential customers.

The powerful site ought to include your potential customers expectations. For this reason use the suitable business icons, buttons and styles for content blocks.

The 1st step as the first brick is definitely crucial. At the very begining you have to decide what's the main audience of your web page. After that think about what do your potential customers expect. Name, hosting provider, content and design style must be carefully chosen according to the results of your research. Also think over what colors and styles of business icons as well as other design elements should be used to reflect the business area your company presents.

To make the right choice you should take into account that different colors evoke certain emotions in various groups of people. For example if you are going to develop the site for some nightclub, it is more effective to use business icons of bright disco colors and nonstandard forms. You may design them to give a dynamic and lively feel, air of relax and pleasure to your web page. Also in such a case pay attention to the fact that tints of red as manifestation of passion and sex are pertinent for business icons, logos or buttons. If you are developing the web site for some consulting company its look and feel is supposed to be clear, calm and reserved. Also avoid playful lines and even light-minded graphics. Cool colors and simple recognizable shapes of business icons are preferable. As a result you will get a web site that show professionalism and stability of your company to your potential clients.

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