Monday, February 21, 2011

Line Icons

We generally use lines for emphasizing edges as well as outlining the contours of objects. If located and developed reasonably, line icons can be the perfect decoration of any minimalistic or clear website design.

Line icons - to be or not to be....

What is in fact a line? The shortest definition is the following: line is a form that contain both width and length but eliminating depth. The line is not only straight but more often curved. Inspite of the being static shapes, Line icons can make an illusion of the dynamic objects. The mood depends on the lines direction. Horizontal lines in Line web icons embody calmness, peace and stability while the vertical ones strive for the light movement. Energy and more powerful dynamic feeling pertain to the diagonal lines. If you wish to create refine and ultra-modern line icons designs you should use combination of straight lines and curves.

Line Icons Art

Curve stitching may be the first kind of line art known to the artists. It's carried out with threads of different colours and needle. The canvas was a card board first. This movement is also well-known as "String Art". It's founder was a Mary Boole. He created it as the accessory material for kids to help them study geometry of angles and spaces. Before the photography appeared line art lived also in the form of illustrations for print sources and included only black and white colors. Several tones of gray were also acceptable.Line art includes geometry and art and in such a way becomes appealing to both technical and creative sides of human nature, So if you would like to become a Line web icons designer remember that this process may develop imagination and creativity as well as calculation skills.Line art has an ability to be printed to the halftone pic without extra conversion. Thus it's different from photography or multi-color painting. This kind of art is named line drawing and line copy too.

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