Thursday, July 22, 2010

Simplest ways to Monetize your Web Design Blog

If you have a web design related site or blog you might want to learn about the solutions to monetize it. There are a lot of methods how to earn money from your webblog: advertising, freelance writing, 3rd party advertising platforms, involving friends, becoming a teacher and of course website templates affiliate programs. Find all the info about web design affiliate programs and other web alternatives for you.

Do you know that you are a drug addict person? Your special narcotic is information. The main advantage of it is not having any side effects. Day after day our whole world is becoming even more addicted to the top news. We wish to have all fresh news from financial markets, politics, environment, culture and so on. Even though this social and technological phenomenon keeps evolving every moment (with making new accounts on social networks and launching new web blogs) it is too early to say about complete qualitative increase of this phenomenon.

Despite the fact that informational boom in general upsets with increase of spam, web design blogosphere gives us hope for the best. Today we want to discuss such important question as– how you can actually monetize your web-design blog. If you think that it is not so simple task – well we’ve got something for you. You can get more profit from your design blog with a help of present day marketing technologies. Using some of these tips will help you to monetize your project, provide deeper interaction with your clients (visitors) and of course get unvalued experience in internet marketing sphere. Being a good blogger in fact doesn’t necessarily mean being financially successful. So, below you will learn about some effective ways to earn some money from your design–related blog.

Advertising - what to choose?

Banners and ads

The simplest way to monetize your blog is to sell banner ads Of course before starting to sell ads space you should know that Page Views are essential part of this process and that the more pageviews you have the better your results in selling banners will be.

3rd Party Advertising Platforms

There’s an advertiser, a publisher and a platform that is a middleman working for a commission. Service like Google AdSense, BuySellAds or some other program wil help you to control your advertisers. Now many web designers supply you with many design-related items on their blogs. It is one of the strongest social groups in the net. So, why don’t you try it? Everything is so clear: big traffic=clicks=profits.

Affiliate programs

Currently you can find a great amount of various affiliate programs presented by numerous wed-design companies. Selling web themes, promoting stock photos or reselling hosting can improve your income immediately. Providing customization services for the products that you're reselling can grant you extra benefits ( web host reselling would give triple combo).

Provide online webinars

With a help of such present day communication technologies as Google Wave, Skype and others, you are able to provide online webinars or tutorials. Enjoy teaching and get money for this!

Become a freelance writer

Writing articles for money is a common thing among the bloggers. So if you are confident in your writing skills, don't waste the time - go-ahead and search for potential clients. The cost depends on the topic, size and quality. Writing articles for other blogs is really advantageous because you can improve your copywriting experience and apply it at your own project. Remember thatthat this occupation requires mobility simply because you have to find clients by yourself.

Job Boards

Speaking about experience of Smashing Magazine, Web Designer Wall and Mashable, we can claim that such technique will be a highly useful resource both for visitors-clients and visitors-freelancers. This flexible way lets you interact with your colleagues as well as get perfect reputation among the clients.

Involving Friends

For those who have friend that earns for living by creating some applications or coding and so on – well it is time to make business together. Use your weblog to offer his or her products. This would be paying business for both of you guys along with the proper marketing approach you will have the army of satisfied clients.

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