Sunday, July 25, 2010

Facts About Prestashop application and Prestashop Themes

Using of Prestashop shopping cart and PrestaShop themes is the best method to create an online e-commerce presence. To eliminate the cost and licensing issues included with custom development and commercial e-commerce platform, PrestaShop is open source and freely available. Prestashop e-commerce solution is the best solution for webmasters seeking to keep costs and time requirements down.

E-commerce has become an extremely effective way to do business in the current marketplace. A great number of people do business in the internet with a help of shopping and other commercial activities. A mark of a respected business is a professional and smartly designed web experience for potential and returning customers. A web presence is an effective way of gaining and retaining customers.

In order to get the e-commerce site, a web site owner must first think how to go about it. There are lots of commercial software companies that offer business owners different packages that can present a solution to their online needs. From the perspective of a business owner wanting to get into e-commerce, this may present an obstacle that can lock them out of an opportunity. At this time almost all software organizations have a strict licensing agreement that helps to avoid the risk of software threat and copyright infringement.

A strategic alternative to these software companies, is to utilize products that are open source and free to use. Prestashop is just that. It is an e-commerce framework that is created in the spirit of open source by a dedicated team of professionals from world wide. Originally developed in Paris and released in 2007, Prestashop solution is becoming a well known platform for business on the net.

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  1. That's what I like with Prestashop themes, it's now in version 1.5 and still an open-source theme. For those people who are working into shopping carts, You just need to find a good designer to design the Prestashop Templates you want and you are good to go.