Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Benefits Of Presta Shop

Prestashop solution is written in PHP and is happy to run on many of the common operating systems available today, such as Windows, Mac, or Linux. The solution works closely with either Apache or IIS servers and also utilizes MySQL for data storage. It provides a range of helpful functions including item search, receipt printing, as well as ordering out of stock items. Other benefit is that this shopping cart come fully equipped with advanced reporting and customer management functions.

While the Prestashop shopping cart platform is a viable way of doing business online, the question of setting up a website running Prestashop shopping cart must be addressed. Nowadays you can face two solutions for redesigning your webpage. One is going the route of custom development and the other is to use prepackaged and fully developed PrestaShop templates. Custom development can be a hard and time consuming process. A web professional must be managed during the period of the project and the result is never ensured to be what was originally intended. In addition it can also be very expensive .

PrestaShop templates are a gallery of themes that are designed to create a PrestaShop website quickly and easily. They are less expensive than development and come fully packaged and ready to perform. Now there is a great amount of great PrestaShop templates available for purchase, every has a unique design and numerous features. Use Prestashop solution and a PrestaShop template and you'll get a lot of advantages for your on the net business for a low cost or absolutely free.

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