Monday, June 7, 2010

Believe Thy In Flash?

In spite of all these long-established benefits some people are trying to kick Flash down from its pedestal by boycotting the technology. The main point of the debate is that HTML5 should certainly substitute Flash as Flash technology has lots of things to make improvements to. Not surprisingly there are and will be the niches where Flash continues to be undisplacable.

Mobile web is quickly developing and spreading. As more folks become able to link to the internet over a mobile phone they really want a similar experience that they have whenever they use a full-sized computer. Appears like currently Flash is firmly set up in that niche. And that's for a reason. Performance studies have shown that HTML5 is out-performed by Flash on a mobile platform. Video and animations are still far better rendered by means of Flash.

Presentational parts on a business and corporate sites will remain untouched by HTML5. Flash templates or Flash website designs are still likely to deliver best experiences as a result of their flexibility and reliability.

Alright, time for conclusions. Who'd it be? The time will be the judge. Nevertheless, I believe that Flash won't pass away unnoticed - it's a strong contender.

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