Thursday, January 21, 2010

Types Of The Glossy Web Icons

Glass web icons can be viewed as an independent icon style though it is logical to assume that glass style is just one of the types of the shiny, glossy design.

The examples below - other types of the glossy web icons design can be marked out:

  • glass icons;
  • metal icons;
  • glass-metal icons;
  • transparent icons.

Glossy icons can be aqua, crystal, plastic etc. and at the same time transparent and half-transparent.

Glass icons as well as other types of icons are often depicted with reflecting. It is one of the standard features of the "Web 2.0" icons. You may find various tutorials on the net teaching to create vertical reflection effect for web icons.

It is the effect when icons are like images placed on a shiny, reflecting surface or tower above the water surface.

The crisp and pure look of glass icons makes navigating through the internet pages attractive and playful. If you want to create such neat web icons you can easily find hundreds of tutorials on the Internet.

Creation of glass web icons.

Adobe Photoshop is the most well known software for creating web icons. Photoshop is becoming steadily more and more flexible software for design. These days it allows to create almost all visual effects used for the graphic design. Plenty of the great web icons designs were made up of a help of this software. The ability to combine pixel painting with vector tool for creating glass icons, buttons, characters etc. is an essential feature of the latest Photoshop versions.<\p>

The easiest way to design Glass web icons is to make the "glass" layer overlap the image. With a help of the "eraser" tool it will be possible to build an empty diagonal line through the image. You are supposed to proceed using eraser for making adjustments to the glass layer until the moment when the glass effect repeats the contour of the icon. As a result it should create a kind of the glass haze in the opposite sides. After this procedure complete the further adjustments should be applied.

Professional web designers should use this effect carefully and understand that glass-fever may look ridiculous. Glass icons really should be combined with taste so that the web-site style could remain professional and reserved.

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